About Us

Spring Court Food Products Sdn. Bhd. owes its roots to a humble beginning with Madam Lee Kim Lian since 2010. Madam Lee first started her venture in a hawker centre in Bukit Mertajam, a small town within Penang, selling her Nyonya curries. It was 15 years later that she established a restaurant, the Q Wok Nyonya Curry House, which continues to serve her signature dishes.

With aspirations of sharing this authentic taste with a wider audience, our company now developed the  Q Wok Nyonya TM  curry paste. Q Wok Nyonya is concentrated on using traditional natural ingredients. These curry paste are devised from Madam Lee’s secret recipe with perfect blend and proportion of spices to achieving taste of authenticity. In addition to our initial two instant paste flavours (Fish Curry and Seafood Tumis), now we have expanded to other range of authentic Asian/Penang instant cooking pastes with excellent taste which are Chicken & Meat Curry, Portuguese Steam, Sambal, Vegetable Curry, Kapitan Curry, Green Curry and so on.